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  •   The aftercare of your new tattoo will greatly determine the way your tattoo will look once it has fully healed, please follow these steps and not what your friends tell you

  •   Wash your hands. Remove bandage after 1-2 hours and wash your tattoo gently with an antibacterial soap & water (Dial Gold or Softsoap is highly recommended). Pat dry gently

  •   After cleaning, proceed with putting a fragrance-free lotion on your new tattoo (Lubriderm or Aveeno is recommended), please avoid anything w/ coco-butter, lavender, or eucalyptus, a basic non-scented lotion works best 

  •   Repeat the process of cleaning your tattoo and moisturizing it 2-3 times a day until healed, and always wash your hands before cleaning your tattoo, cleanliness is important Other than cleaning & moisturizing, do not touch your tattoo

  •   Do not pick scabs, as this will cause your tattoo to bleed and will pull ink out of your skin

  •   Do not swim or go into hot tubs for 2 weeks or until your tattoo is fully healed, showers are ok but baths are not, do not submerge your tattoo

  •   Avoid direct exposure to the sun during the healing process

  •   Wear loose clothing over your tattoo while it is healing to avoid any rubbing that may pull scabs prematurely

  •   We take great pride in the work we do here at RISE ABOVE TATTOO, sometimes it is normal for a tattoo to need a "touch-up" if there was some loss of ink during the healing process. We guarantee all of our work & will touch it up for free, but please give the tattoo at least a month to fully heal & settle in

  • If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call us at (909) 399-0500

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